About Me

Why~ Hello there~

Thank you for viewing my cosplay blog~ one of the many multiple hobbies I have :P
My Real name is May Fan but I like to go by CosplayAnimal
for when I'm cosplaying etc... ~CA~ for short >____O
I started cosplaying around 7-8 years ago but only recently start to seriously cosplay
and I've fallen very deeply in love with it as you may have noticed~
thanks to cosplaying my animal has been unleashed and no one can stop it!
I very much enjoy every moment of it and it's only getting better as time passes!

Now a little more about me and not the Animal~
I'm a working student, applying for an art college called Sheridan, I want to enter the animation program!  I love art more than cosplaying I admit.
I'm not a very studious person sadly but I'm a hard worker once I get into it or dedicate myself to it for specific reasons. 
My Other hobbies consist of:
Art/anime/manga/reading/writing/sports; batmonton, volleyball, tennis, etc../playing the violin/break dancing/crafts/sewing/ and more! 
I really enjoy being active! I just don't want to stay put I feel if I do it's just to much of a waste of time! >:D so I love occupying my time with anything that's interesting!

Anyways~ I think I've bored you enough with this Thank you for reading I hope I can continue entertaining who ever it out there reading! XD


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