Saturday, December 24, 2011

Seasons greetings~

Tis I the C/A
back from the dead ;D
It's already December 24th and soon in less than 25 minutest December 25th! :D
To welcome the up coming Christmas day allow me to bring you my Gakupo play~ ;D

Merry Christmas<3
A little more off topic form the Holidays seasons~ here are some more wig test photo's~ I'll be posting up some UtaPri photo's soon hopefully~ ;D please look forward to it :3

Say Cheese babe<3

Well~ that's all folks! thanks again for looking I hope you hall have a happy holidays~ don't eat to much D: I did Blehhhhhh

Sunday, December 18, 2011

So....SLEEP!!!! O 3 O;;

BUT!! I Got to see Sherlock Holmes 2!!!!! I love the movie and the book the movie take the original series for such an awesome and crazy twist it's to a brilliant level<3

I was so happy to finally get to see the movie thankfully it was almost as good as the first! the ending was close to the original book.  But with it's loveable own twist<3
Gosh I love the script writers, and Directors their geniuses!
The actors of course were fantastic as well~ I love Robert Downey Jr. I think he's one of the few actors I'll really make a comment on!! > 3 < I adored his performance  in the first movie it just made me cry out in excitement and thrill.  The second movie he still played the role of Holmes suitably but I felt there was to much stress on his character it was slightly more than to my liking but still fantastic none of the less.  There were many exciting and mind cranking twists and turns just like the first.  sad partings and good byes.  Clever jokes and hilarious scenes~!

Ah I just love this movie interpretation<3  It's really enjoyable for most ages that's probably why I have so much love for it~ 

well anyways that's my short fan girling 
My minds battery is funning low x___o no cosplaying tonight~ now off to the beddie bye~


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hiya, Hey ya~!!

GOOD NIGHT!!! not in the way as to one would usually use for when heading to bed but.  In  away where I believe it's a good night and I think it's time to let the Animal out~
This is actually the 2nd time I am writing this post the first one unfortunately had a fatal attack stuck upon it's self with my clumsy key boarding TEE HEE -bangs head on table-

welps by gone be bye gone ashes to ashes dust to dust, an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth....I WANT MY POST BACK!! D: welps w/e on to the important stuff~

So Just like the other nights to night I have been playing with ANOTHER wig yes another one I have lots I don't get to play with much < , <;; mom's even starting to complain more and more lol....sigh~ but it's just so fun~ :D w/e anyways
just like the nights before I'm going to have another sexy change~ to night it's back to being a bishonen~

Yesterday night had lots of moe moe cutness so tonight is to balance that out with hot sexiness form my MikuO wig~ :D so please enjoy~!!!!!!

I'll Play With You Too<3

Are you loving it?
If So I love You<3

Once again thanks for reading and looking!

Friday, December 16, 2011

OMG...this is rare~!? D:

It's been another work and stress filled day~
this morning I got a great surprise in the mail though! but had to go straight to work before I could even try it on! D: Andddd that is of course!!!!!! A WIG~<3 I have been waiting 4 weeks for this new wig to come > 3 < I have so many ideas and cosplays waiting for it~~~ :D so with out further a due.  Straight after I had come home of course I had to try it on and mess/style it to my liking. There's still plenty of work to do on it = A =;; but for the time being I got a basic look going on~ enjoy~
I did a little casual cosplay with TWO characters!! ;D please enjoy<3

First off~!!!!! >:D

"Ara~ Ara~"

!!!!!!~Next up~!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~HIYONO YUIZAKI~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Nasumi-san~ doko~?"

1) I love Sawako-sensei from K-on~ She's the best I can't wait to do a cosplay of her with a group of HTT girls<3
2) Hiyono is one of my all time favorite characters from out of all the anime and manga I have read so far!! she's just to awesome<3 I can't wait to cosplay as her~ there's a certain scene from the manga I am DYING TO DO!! > 3 < (literally the scene may involve dying :D)


"This book has nothing suspicious in it<3"
"It's a Trade secret<3"

"Welcome to The After school tea Time"
"hmm I wonder what cake and tea we're having today<3?"

"Now what to have them wear next~ + A +"

Anyways YES! this is the awesome brown wig I got today and am extreamly excited and happy!! I cant wait to put it into more usage >:D

once again thank you for looking and reading have a good night~

Thursday, December 15, 2011

BOO! ~< ;= A =)

Another update of something old~
it's my stocking wig~ I can't call it a cosplay of stocking cause I didn't really have anything assembled for her T A T boooo I really love her hair so much~ just like everyone else in the world xD
I wore this wig and a cute outfit for Halloween~ not many people other than my co-workers saw me :3 and the pictures I took weren't that great you can't see it clearly at all so sadly I only have a few so-so shots I thought I could share :D so here ya go~

 Me testing it out the day before~ than a quick picture of me in better lighting, just before I head to work~ :D

Thanks for looking and reading cheers~

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

oh yeah~ *~P(˚ ∆ ˚;) <(Tee Hee)

/ ( >  A  < ) \ <(MOE BEAMMMMMMMMM!!<3)
Ahahaha~ as I was fixing up my sexy Masato I found some old cosplay pics I have been meaning to edit...since last year....tee hee~ :9 -gets beat up-
well than something different from my current obsession, a previous obsession~ from last year. Ohohoh~ it was actually a pair cosplay I'll upload a few pair pictures later maybe~

;3 I love my partners~<3~ :D
so with out further a due~!!!

DRUMM ROLL PLEASE~!! *dadadadadadaadada~!!!!*...



Sadly we didn't have good camera's and I didn't get much model time cause I was hooked on taking pictures of others~

A little background story~ This actually took place at Anime Expo in L.A! it was my first international convention and my first time to the US I had gone with my friend and partner this was her first time since she had been on a plane so we were both nervous for various reasons~ but WE HAD A LOAD OF FUN~ I can't wait to go back this year~!!!! if anyone is actually reading this and going!! I hope to see you there!! > 3 <

OK! and on to the pair pictures<3
Title: I am you, and you are I

Title: In the Rainbow color filled crib you sleep...Good night Chii and Freya


Title: Freya is a bully~

anyways cheers again thanks for looking and reading~<3


Hey~ Hey~ The animal out again~ when she should actually be working on her portfolio~ D:
I'm so bad T A T;;;;; oh well but look! stuff! cosplay stuff!! -runs off-
but yeah this time I took the time to move to a better area in the house to take a good picture~ it's a sexy Masato~ I'm still trying > ∆ < it's hard to be sexy! it's completely different from a calm am cool I'm more use to :3
I also gave Photoshopping a try again it's not my fave choice of medium but it does a damn good job@ DX lol
Anways~ more previous pictures i had taken before I relocated to a place with better lighting etc.. ohohoh~

Than back to the bathr---I mean other room <,<;; >,> ohohoh~
Sexy masa Love's you~ > 3 <

welps I hope you enjoyed this~ :D thanks for looking~<3

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Greetings and smeetings (<--not a word *cough)

Since I'm always one to delay everything I tend to do, if I start wanting to post up previous old stuff from way back. Other than current stuff, I'm starting to do or am currently working on.... I don't usually progress very well sadly...*cough*

So! I thougth WHAT THE HECK! Let's start anew right out of the pocky box~!! :D
so Here's my newest and most current project, that is going to be done in a group! surprise surprise! I never thought I'd see the day I could do a group cosplay so seriously (~T A T)~ it brought tears to my eyes~(happy tears!) Anyways moving on to the real juicy part of the topic! the Cosplay subject aka Anime aka manga aka game aka etc...of this event~ is none other than........*drum roll~*

UTA NO PRINCE-SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

UTA NO PRINCE-SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

And I have the honor of cosplay as Hijirikawa Masato~ (Masa)
I can't wait to dish out the bishi with this character~
Masa is very loveable so I'm glad I got his character Ichinosei and Satski are my closet faves though~ :9 I hope to give them a try sometime tee hee~ but for the time being till the shoot I will dedicate my love to masa-san~ m(> , <)m

I'll be cosplaying along with some great cosplays such as:

(Natsuki-san) <3
(more to come getting permission~)

Cough* Cough* for those who are uninterested here are some wig in styling process and test pictures<3
mac web camera is so-so and the lighting is so so sorry~ tee hee (totally did it on purpose (;;¬ ∆ ¬)b+
welps~ here you go~ :D



NO MORE TESTS! :D Till next time~

-dashes off into the night-

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let's start off with some basic and newer stuff~ :D

for now I'll start off with a simple recent cosplay from the summer and spring a little back~ this is my Todoroki Yachiyo-san cosplay~ I love this character she's adorable and funny, yet very reliable in the ways<3

Here is one of the character references I used for making the costume~


AND HERE'S THE COSPLAY It's self~!!!! photo credit goes to the talented:

This is the basic stuff for now I'll be sure to upload more later :D
For now cheer~!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Rawr welcome~

Hello, hello
This is a test post for my new cosplay blog<3
please to meet you~
(> ∆ ˚)/~<3