Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hello! and long time for see! :D

ok I finally got off of my busy procrastinating butt and started to get back in to a more slow paced cosplaying plan ;3 :3
I'm sorry for the delay to those who actually learn things from my blog! xD;; gomen ne~
 ok with out further adieu I bring to you a contact lens review~ :D I hope this helps and please enjoy! :D

The box is green this time! :D
Awkward hand~ lol~

Here is the usual shot of when I take them out~ the color looks lovely so far~ :D kira kira~

Some nicer shots of them floating in their jars~
I've been meaning to ask are these picture too much? should I skip a few of them?

Just take 1 picture and than the shots of them in my eyes?
cause I feel like I'm just over doing it with all the pictures xD xD I just like to be clear and very visual though ^^;;;

If anyone has some advice or suggestions please say so! :D

I always welcome more opinions~!! :D


*plop~* into the case!
opps the one on the right is inside out I think xD;;
Ara ara~

they look nice here~ pwetty~ I hope the test goes well! >:3

(~˚ 3 ˚)~

1 of 2 in~ sorry my eyes are dry ^^;;

Now 2 of 2 in!

And there we have it this concludes the photo session for these lenses now on to the actual review~ I hope this helps and I hope you enjoyed it! :3 :3

Now for my basic review!!!!
Color: Blue (prescribed)
Size: 14.5mm
Brand:  Vassen Dolly+
Comfort: 7/10
Seller: Honeycolor
Price: 19.90 USD + 6.00 USD shipping (NOTE: these contacts were on sale when I bought them)

Description: I am sad to inform that the color was not to my expectations.  If you compare this pair to my previous reviewed red ones I got form the same brand.  There is a pretty large gap in how vibrant the colors are T A T .  The enlarging affect is just like the red ones BIG and very dolly.  well back to color, it's not bad that the color was not as powerful as the red ones but I am disappointed T A T with my natural dark eye color, I will forever be in search for a vibrant blue! (/T 3 T)/

Other Comments:
same as the read ones not problem with comfort, again I don't think I'll have any problems wearing them for around 5 hours or so. :D


Thanks for reading~ have a great night~


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Q , Q Whaaa!! I haven't uploaded in a long time I'm so sorry!!! D: D:

I'm so sorry to those who follow this blog!!
I've been busy with work, school, and travels @______@ so much that I've had very little time to work on my blog posts!
I really like to take my time, with the pictures and contents of most of my posts! so that they can be as helpful and informative to those who read them as much as possible! D:

So for this blog posts may get slower and slower as time passes for that I apologize m(_   _m)
I would very much like to have quality over quantity for this so please bare with me and stay with me if you'd like~!!

K that's the last of my brain's energy for the night!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Arararara~ I really need to get back into a better habit with updates D:

Mello~ and Hello~ :3 :3
I'm sorry for such a delayed update! A popular convention called "Anime North" had just passed<3 and I was completely exhausted after~ :D :D now I'm back in action and things have piled up T A T;;;
OK! let's get this roaring~ :d
first I'll give a quick on some new contacts I got for my Sebastian cosplay I honestly didn't think they were going to make it in time cause I made the order for them very last minute xD xD;; but surprise surprise! they came in just a few days before the convention O v O;;; ojhohoho! luck was really on my side xD so here you go~
Again I got these one's from Honey Color!

I was pretty surprised they have different color boxes! It was such a cute and neat thing to find out about! :D and If I'm not over thinking it, last time I got aqua lenses with a blue box, and this time I got red lenses with a pink box! I wonder if they purposely color coordinate them~? probably note xD

The bottle they came in~

Here's the entire set I got from them~! :D
and the nice little free animal lens case~
again it's an orange yellow color I still feel like they are somewhat color coordinating this xD

Lenses in the bottle waiting for me to open them~

*******NOW TO PUT THEM ON~!!!!! FWISHHHHHH~*********

With one contact in :)
These ones make my eyes look HUGE well the color IS super duper strong so I'm not surprised to see such a strong difference O v O still when I look back at these pictures I go "#)()#*$#@(#))@!????" cause it's so different! but in a very good way~!! :D

With both contacts in!
I see you~~~~ cause these are prescription! Muahahahah~!!! >:D with both in my eyes are like BAM! I really love the color it's perfectly unnatural! xD xD and that's what I was going for so these I do highly recommend for cosplay contacts!

Now for my basic review!!!!
Color: Red (prescribed)
Size: 14.5mm
Brand:  Vassen Dolly+
Comfort: 7/10
Seller: Honeycolor
Price: 22.90 USD + 6.00 USD shipping (28.90USD)

Description: THE COLOR IS AWESOME POSSUM xD very vibrate and unnatural! exactly what I was going for!  I completely recommend this for cosplaying! Though the size is BIG and very dolly I'm not a personal fan of large contacts but many friends suggested these ones if it was a strong vibrate color that I wanted.  And of course they were right~ I'm pretty happy with them :)

Other Comments:
Pretty comfortable I had no problems wearing them for around 5 hours or so. :D


Thanks for reading I hope this review was enlightening :3 :3
Have a great day~
:3 :3

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hey Hey~ You You~ it's been a while! :P

Howdy dowdy everyone~ :D
and long time not posting orz 
I've been busy since Anime north is approaching!  Just 2 more weeks!! and i'm not even near finishing all of my costumes!! XD xD;;; wish me luck in this last minute rush of cosplay making :3 :3 
though I've gotten pretty good and possibly too good at doing things last minute, so I have (unnecessary) confidences :9 which is a bad thing!! and which I do not suggest you make a habit of! xD;;

Anyways today I have a short post about some new contacts I've gotten recently from another site! :D
They are from Neo Cosmo:
Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.2 mm
Water content:  45%
*Information taken from the original Honeycolor site*
Their logo box~ it was cute! :D
The contacts came in a really neat and cute looking box!  Where the contacts would fit in perfectly and snug~

Jan Jan~

Two peas in the same pod~

 Here's a shot of the insides of the box~                         
there are instructions on the back in English 
on how to put on and take care of contacts too!
They really put in their time which I found neat :3

*blub blub* Here's a shot of the lenses before I wore them~

*Ji------*A nd here they are when both are in~ :3

 I was so happy to see the color as I had hoped! it's pretty 50/50 when getting light colored contacts for people with dark colored eyes T A T;;;;;;; but I lucked out! :D huzzah~
Now for my basic review!!!!
Color: Aqua (prescribed)
Size: 14.2mm
Brand:  Neo Cosmo
Comfort: 7/10
Seller: Honeycolor
Price: 25.50 USD + 3.00 USD shipping (28.50USD)
SHIPPING COST NOTE: I bought this pair with another so total shipping 6.00$ USD  divided by 2 = 3.00$ USD but this is not the actual price if you were to buy one pair it would be around 5.00$ USD

Description: The color was as lovely as I had hoped comfort wise they are not bad, I haven't found a chance to wear them for a long period of time yet, but they seem alright, the lens is much softer on the finger, other contacts I have handled, but once in the eye it feels ok.  Not particularly uncomfortable or comfortable :|

Other Comments: The color is the best thing about these contacts, other than that comfort or handling is just the same as any other lenses :|


Cheers~ buddies :3 :3


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Contact Lenses Review~

I had previously mentioned in the last post about contacts I have recently got!! :D today I shall be reviewing the 2nd pair! I have 3 more to go~ OhohohohOHohoho~
the 2nd pair I bought was again from:
This time the pair is much simpler! the lenses I got are for my Perona cosplay, she has pure black circle eyes so I figured I could get contacts to enlarge my eyes and give them a more doll like shine :D
The pair i got were from GEO:
Geo CK-109 Black Circle Lens

Diameter: 14mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Replacement Period: 12 months 
[Info taken from the original Candylens site] 
*Some slightly better sample pictures of the product it's self~*


A close up of a single lens~ sorry for the poor quality! I love my camera though! it serves it's purpose<3

!!!!!!!!!!!CONTACTS IN!!!!!!!!! 
-pokes out eyes-
With One Contact

The above it with one of the contacts in on the left, and my normal non-contact eye on the right xD I hope this helps show you how powerful of a look the contacts can have :D

With Both Contacts
Now with both contacts in~<3 my eyes are shiny~ ohoohohoho~
Now for my basic review!!!!
Color: Black (prescribed)
Size: 14mm
Brand:  GEO CK
Comfort: 8.5/10
Seller: Candylens
Price: 19.90 USD + 6.00 USD shipping (25.90USD)

Description: They are very comfy! the black rims really give your eyes a almost natural dolly look! Really great for making your eyes stand out even with out make up!  Perfect and exactly what I was looking for :D

Other Comments:
I really liked these ones they are good for everyday use, I have a few dry eyed issues but I think that's mostly because of my work place = v =;;; I need to invest in some eye drops OTL sigh bye bye more moneyyyyyyy D:


Again thanks for reading! I hope this helped = v =;;;
Have a great night~ :3

Sunday, April 29, 2012

it's been a very very long time m(_ _m;;) gomenasai~

I'm sorry for the long time no update or anything!
I've been wallowing in the reality of our worlds current financial state aka my current financial state OTL it's hard to make enough of a living, to continue living, while cosplaying of course! xD;; sigh~
well I've already steeled my heart and wallet for this = A = fare thee well future cosplays~ it'll just take another extra year or two to complete you~ I'm pretty sure my face can hold out till at most 30's ;D I've got a good 9-10 years left :P

Anyways~ oh to the good stuff~ >:D
today I bring to you some new products I've been using~ here's a quick break down of them:
>New eyeliner from MAC(and make up style)
>New Wig
>New colored contacts~

So tonight I will be giving my reviews on these products
so on wards!!! to the details~!!!!

First off~
as usual I'll be starting off with the wig~
but first the character the wig is for! >:3
TaDa~ Yurippe From Angel Beats!
I am a huge fan of Angel Beats! Love the series Loved ALL OF THE CHARACTERS<3 I choose yurippe for the sake of her awesomeness and for the sake I am using her for a skit planned for next year Anime North 2013 :3 :3 I got her wig way ahead of time for motivational purposes ;D

Here are some pictures of the wig when I just got it in<3

I enhanced the brightness so the actual color is darker in regular lights. but if put under bright lights it's pretty close to the picture ;D

NOTE: sorry I look pretty sullen in the picture, it's been a while xD;;

not so sullen ^u^

From the top~

Here are the last two before my over all rating review on the wig~ (^ 0 ^)/

Ok~! all done with the wig tests :3 :3 for yurippe~ if some have not noticed the character actually has shorter hair than than the wig I have so I will be chop-chopping this T 0 T;;
sadly I hate cutting wigs but this is the safest way I've learned to assure a guarantee on how I want the style to turn out to be OTL plus it's just cheaper OTL;;;; lol so yes onwards to the over all reivew~ :D

Color: Purple red (close to wine red but more of a red with hints of a colder purple)
Length:  60cm loosely
Wig Style: straight, long bangs
Description: bangs were described as doll cut but came long, which I am happy about cause I like to style and personally messy up my wig myself xD the color was pretty accurate I'd say it's not as purple as I had hoped but it was better than I had expected :).  Style wise it's, nice not to thin, all around straight consistent make, it doesn't tangle easily despite it's length o , o very nice and smooth feeling<3

Where I Bought it From:
Source: Ebay
Seller: 2262128 (99.5-%)
Price at time:  $19.00 CAD (sale) orig. 20.00 (not much of a sale lol)
I'm pretty satisfied with the wig honestly speaking I had not expectations at all almost, but when it came in I was pretty happy :) it turned out to be a nice color and length the picture was not described accurately = A = as I had expected but still the gamble came out with a decent result I think I'd like to try my luck again with the seller :D


!!!!!!!!!!NOW ON TO THE CONTACT LENSES!!!!!!!! :D

 *This is the first time I had Bought contacts online before it was thanks to a friend's recommendation to this site:

Honestly speaking I was VERY skeptical of buying CONTACTS online because there are many risks and warning etc... but since this friend recommended this site, and after doing the research many other seems to agree that this company was trust worthy and good~ so I decided to give it a shot~
and the results were not bad~ the first pair I got came in about 4 weeks after I ordered it normal time for shipping to Canada from anywhere in the Eastern Asian areas xD
The pair I got:

"Honoo Red Circle Lens"

****Here's a terrible picture i did sorry for the bad quality it's the first time I tried it and it came out pretty bad T A T;;;; but I didn't have time to do a re-take OTL so please bare with and pray I get better xD;;*****

This picture was taken when I had florescent lighting, the contacts look a very pretty dark, almost natural mauve-like color, much better for everyday looks, rather than cosplay I think.

I'll be following a similar format I usually do for Wigs to review the lenses~ :3

Color: Red (prescribed)

Brand:  Honoo
Comfort: 7/10

Seller: Candylens
Price: 20.90 USD + 6.00 USD shipping (26.90USD)

Description: I was very disappointed about the color.  In the pictures they are described as a much more vibrant deep red T A T when I got them they looked very pink/purple, and when I wore them it became a mauvey, maroon like color, it's a lovely color but not what I was looking for OTL
I'd recommend this for everyday use, many ppl like the color and told it almost looked natural xD; which isn't bad :D
Comfort wise, I can wear them for around 8-9 hours at most but after 5 hours they get pretty dry and uncomfortable like most contacts.  which isn't had other than that I haven't really had any issues, other than the colors = A =;;

Other Comments: The sellers Candylens are very nice people! they send you a free contact lens case with the contacts, and the entire package it's self it very neatly done, so no harm comes to the contacts or the present! and even nicer the send you a sweet personalized hand written thank you note xD I found that very kind of them xD not many people can put for that kind of effort for such considerate good service xD

Over all Rating: 7.5/10

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello~ Hello~ tonight I will be introducing

Natsume Zange-sama from the anime and manga series called; Inu x Boku SS
Natsume Zange<3

I loveeeeeeeeeee this character~
the mange version of him made me fall instantly : >
I still haven't really done anything for this cosplay~ the bunny ears are still in making the suit is easy enough to make/get it's not that hard so there's not much work~ :3 :3 tee hee~

I must admit I've wanted to try to take an open shirt shot for a while u , u;; it's quite embarrassing OTL lol

K! That's all~ I've been spamming red EVERYWHERE<3<3<3 thanks to this wig~ as some may have noticed this is the same curly red wig I had in my previous post! I finally took the time and straightened it with a hot iron straighter :3 :3
The results are quite satisfactory~

Straightening is always easier than curling a wig OTL oh gosh my elizabeth wig is going though hell atm sigh~ oh well that's for another post~ tee hee~

thanks for readin have a great night~