Saturday, January 21, 2012

-sneaks- <,< >,> -ninnin-

HELLO! -that was said in a whispered voice fyi- ;D
I will be quick today!  Long story short I love Tsurara from Nuramago~! but I don't want to cosplay as her original:
Yuki-Onna Tsurara!
So instead of doing her original version I Bent it around ;D gender-bent it I mean~ >:D
so in a way I turned it around to make my Yuki-Onna in to a Yuki-Otoko!!  ;D ;D ;D tee hee~ I plan to wear her demon version clothes.  But now with a male twist to them ;D ;D I hope it turns out well!
(> 3 <;;;) anyways here are the pictures I have of the wig.   I've been chopping away at, sadly I've done a bad job on the right hand side but I made sure you can't see that + A + ohohohohohohoh~


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

*SobSob* ( /T A 3)/

Sorry for no updates I had a sound and unfavorable reason why I have been locking up the animal within.  1) Ihave a portfolio due in less than a month or so D: -Shriekssss- and 2) I just recently got a type of eye infection you could say, CALLED THE DEADLY EYE STYE D: D: don't google, some results are pretty unappetizing.  It's basically when bacteria has entered around the eye area could be under or around the eyelid it's self. I got it under the eyelid and it BLEW UP and I did face difficulties opening my right eye.  It's ok now thanks to my sisters brilliant care, and lots of anti-biotin's for the eye. + A + For the time being I can open it with no problem there's still some what of a bit of a scar it'll disappear with a bit more time.  So I'll have to be patient and wait it out for another few more days till I can start cosplaying again ^^

So please pardon the lack of updates from the past few days for such a reason, and please continue to pardon the next month of cosplayless updates because I'll be slaving away at my portfolio T A T GOMEN!!!!

-runs off into sunset-

That's all folks thanks for reading~  ( ~> 3 <)~

-May Fan :9

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Argh I've been pretty worn out lately with all the morning shifts +  extra long shift hours.  It's been killing me and this has been only my first week back to my normal schedule since the holidays T A T *sob sob* I've had little time or energy to do any cosplaying D: but the Animal inside cannot stand for this!! > 3 < so I've gone and played with some old and new wigs<3 please enjoy :D

Elizabeth Mildford - Kuroshitsuji

I plan on cosplaying this or her other sword wielding version<3 <3 she's to damn coollll
(/ >  w <)/ <(squeelll!!!)


Next up~
Kagura - Gintama 
(could not find a good picture of her school uniform version sorry)
Buu---Gin-chan Kechii!!


And Finally Last but not least~
Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji
I LOVE THIS MAN<3 (yes more than Lizzy ;D)

this is more j-rock than Sebastian! xD

WELPS THAT'S ALL FOR THE NIGHT!! This tired me out like heck but I LOVED IT great stress reliever<3 
well than my friend fare thee well have a good night
and thanks again for dropping by for a look<3


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SPONSORED BY: One after another Presentations!!! Presenting~! *drumroll*

I've ALWAYS ALWAYS ALLLLWWWAAYYEDDD wanted to cosplay gintama, and not just ONE character I plan to do as many of them as I can!!! :D starting off simple with Okita Sougo-sama here~ next one is a surprise I wonder if anyone can Guess which next Gintama character I will be aiming to do next~~~!!!!!!! > 3 < ohohoh~  oh well on to the pictures<3

welps I'm to tired to really type anything out and I'm just assuming that no one has the interesting in reading some of the ramblings I type so I'll stop here for tonight<3
Nighty night guys~!!! 

NoWhere Boy (Manhwa)

I LOVE this's a really fun and interesting series too short for it's own good but I guess that's better than having it drag outtttttt :D but well I'm actually in no position to say something like that since the series still hasn't ended yet! :D (Huzah!)

A SUMMERY FOR THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED<3 (not written by me taken from Mangahere)

Nowhere Boy Manga

Summary: From Webtoon Live and Shiro Nabi:
"Welcome to Survival, 'I Am Unhappy,' the exciting game show to find the world's unhappiest person! The grand prize... is a wish granted by God!"
When the victor of the game show wishes for the end of the world, God accepts this wish with a set condition: the world's end would proceed over the course of 100 days, and during that time, he is allowed to 'change his mind' only once.
Oh Duk Hee, a quirky comic artist who specializes in unhappiness, is chosen by God to to make the unhappiest person on Earth happy again. With the pressure of mankind's destruction riding on her shoulders, will she be able to change his mind before it's too late?

The competition to choose the world's unhappiest human?! The hybrid school fantasy action story by Jung Pil Won!

IT"S A GREAT STORY<3<3<3 and VERY FUNNY and heart wrenching! :D
anyways back to where this is all coming from ORIGINALLY I was going to do a cosplay of the main Heroine Oh Duk Hee the Teacher of the story and the one who is suppose to be saving the world~
Sadly the wig I Ordered for this cosplay did not turn out that nicely T A T;; goes to show you can't buy cheap was just so tempting though!!! T A T  well even with the wig I have I gave it a try for Oh Duk Hee! FIGHTING!!! > A <
and here are the results~
not to my happiness though T A T;;
First off let's introducing:
Oh Duk Hee~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE HER She's so cool and funny~<3