Thursday, March 29, 2012

The reason...

Hey~ so the reason I have not posted up anything new on my cosplays is actually a very surprisingly good reason having NOTHING AT ALL to do with my laziness :9 tee hee~
so many of your who follow my bog already know of this bu~
Starting September 2012 I will start school at Sheridan college in their Animation program!!! :D :D :D
Here's proof! for you and me!! xD XD I had to screen cap, like everything! to make sure it was real XD XD;;;

so yes! since school will start for me next semester, that means 3 things!!
1) I have to start saving money wisely
2) I will be moving!
3) I may not be able to cosplay as much as I little do now xD;;;

this is be a slow and painful process for me xD;; cause of many things T A T;;;;; but it's worth it!! I've worked for this and finally it's here~<3 :D :D
well that's all i wanted to say~ now I need to sleep cause I'm dead tired OTL

Nighty night~!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm starting something new~!! I hope this helps~ :D

Yoshino Saeki-sama~<3 from DOLLS (naked apes)
I've been a fan of DOLLS art style and interesting story line for a while it's been a on and off relationship xD xD but recently a bunch of friends with the same interest in DOLLS all grouped together and decided we should form a DOLLS cosplay group~!!! :D We've got all the members of all 3 brigades~<3 I'm so hyped we're saving this for fall D: (so far~!!) but it's really on and off ;D
anyways I just recently got my Saeki wig in ;D and did some test like usual.

OH YES!! I decided/realized that my blog is not as productive or helpful as I had hoped it to be!!  So with the new change in weather! (huzzah spring) I've decided that with each and every wig I buy or make up etc... that I used.  And post up on my blog I shall do a short personal review on it! :D
I hope this makes me more productive and helpful to those who actually go to the trouble of reading this blog<3
Anyways I'm going to start off with my Saeki wig~<3


I've tied up the side parts of the hair just like my character, and the bangs have been tampered with a comb over.  

Color: Pure Black.
Length: Around 80cm long.
Wig Style: long straight, bangs were originally straight doll cut.
Description: a little thin, no layers, but the feel is nice and soft, color was good, and the consistency of the cut and make was pretty good.

Where I Bought it From:
Source: Ebay
Seller: Jcpunk store LINK (Ebay - 99.6%) 
Price at time: $15.80 CAD

I was Disappointed, but not that surprised at how the style didn't match the picture the seller had up.  But for the price I think it was  pretty good buy!  The most saddening part about the wig was even though it was described with longer bangs in the picture, there were not comments about it having a straight doll cut for the bangs.  This was quite shocking because, for the purpose I had in mind which was Yoshino the bangs Needed to be long!  but were not llOTL.  That left me in a temporary depression.  But I get back up quickly.  and so took, gel, a comb, and hair spray, thus creating the "comb over bangs" they turned out much better than expected but if you closely examine it you would notice that something is odd T A T;;; when I get money I may re-buy another wig T A T sob!
Other than that it's easy to style feels nice, and I believe good for the price :)

 OK that's all for today
 I hope this is the start of something helpful!! :D thank you for reading and I hope I can continue to do helpful things~ :3 have a great day~!! :D


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oh yeah! one more thing!!

Just cause I want to show it off as much as possible<3 <3 My birthday just recently passed March 14th and I got this AWESOME present from my Best friend Cin! here's a picture of me and the magical gift honestly it's probably the real reason why I cosplayed as Nami <,< ohohoh~ anyways here it is<3<3<3

IT'S THE THOUSAND SUNNY GO FROM THE NEW WORLD VERSION OF ONE PIECE OMFG IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've put this up on every site and blog I hate <,<;;; ohohoh I'm a total show off T A T;;;;;; I'm sorry but I'm just so happy!!!<3<3 :D :D well that's all I wanted to share I'm honestly done now!! I wont be back for another while :9 till then again cheers and good night<3


Oh shoot! xD

Opps! sorry I forgot to actually put up the REAL post :9 tee hee~
it's been a while but here's my latest obsession~<3 I've been the lonnngessttttt one piece fan and I've just recently re-fallen in love with the entire series all over again with the start of the NEW WORLD arc<3 <3 only words that could express my happiness is probably HUZZAH x 1000000000 xD
anyways in commemoration of the end of the old one piece character appearances and the new one piece character appearances I did two one piece cosplays of two different characters~<3

First off we have a long time closet fave~ Nami-san~ ^^
Nami from One piece 
This was her appearance at the start of the series it changes with the style of the anime as it continues though the evolution of the animation production. xD
Someone say money?
Dorobou neko~

I adore the money loving strong girl she is~  definitely one of my all time fave female main characters<3  I hope to cosplay her NEW WORLD version but she wears a bikini lllOTL maybe I could pull that off in the future but not now OTL lol that or I'll cheat <,<;;; ahhaahah~~ anyways please look forward to that when the time comes!!!

Next up!!!!
from the NEW WORLD version of one piece~<3 a more of a side character who has always been a very big and weird tsundere<3
PERONA -ghost princess-
I FELL SO IN LOVE with her new version<3 I would not have guessed I would want to cosplay this version cause it's a strapless dress but OMG<3 I just could not help myself and before I knew it I bough the dress base, prepared the hat and got the wig!!! XD XD;;; I'm quite happy with how it looks so far I PRAY that the final piece is to my satisfaction there are many tricky parts with this dress I hope to over come it and win! + A + Fight-o me!!!

well than on to the wig tests<3

here you can see more of this massive wig<3

Front view~

Color: Pure Milk Shake pink, it's a nice medium shade.
Length: Around 80cm long.
Wig Style: long curled, bangs were not cut originally, detachable pigtail clip aprox. 30-40cm long.
Description: No cut layers, Nice lovely bouncy curls, nice and soft, color was good, and the consistency of the wig all around not bad.

Where I Bought it From:
Source: Ebay
Seller: Applecool8 Store LINK (99% - ebay)
Price at time: $21.16 CAD + shipping $3.95 CAD = $25.11

MY COMMENTS ON THE WIG: I LOVE IT<3 it came out how I had hoped but honestly I don't have very night hopes OTL lol I don't mean it to be as negative sounding as it came out xD xD;;;; it's nice and long~, curls are pretty~, and the thickness/thinness doesn't hinder my hat<3  It came out better than expected :) and I am satisfied.  but the price OTL....and there's a weird parting on the top, it showed in the picture they gave kinda, So I knew of it ^^ I'm just glad I wear a hat if it wasn't for that I might not have liked it as much XD;;;

Sorry that the left one is a little blurry a lot of them came out like that.  I'm losing my touch xD; un oh~

ah~ I had fun with the len flare tool xD xD ok~ well that's al for tonight guys~ that's my Nami and Perona cosplay~ full real Perona cosplay will debut at anime north 2012!!!! :D TIll than it's sewing madness > 3 < ohohohoh~!!

Cheers and have a great night<3

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm > , <;;;

As some may or may not have noticed the blogs look is going here and here @______@
I've been trying to find a style that suits my needs, and a color that is pleasant to the eyes and in accordance to the seasons!
 but I'm having no luck T A T;;;;;;
I'm just terribly picky at this kinda stuff = A =;;; ohohoh~
anyways I've put up another temporary change cause the last one took to long to load I hope this one goes ok :) wish me luck!


Friday, March 2, 2012


-Mozart Ode Joy plays in the background-
\( T A T )/ Ahhhh~~
Freedom has never tasted so sweetttttt
as you may have read in the title PORTFOLIOS ARE OVER!!!!!!!! HUZZAHHHHHH It'S DONE AND OVER ALL I CAN DO IS LEAVE MY FATE TO THOSE WHO JUDGE IT!! AND YES I'M SCARED CRAZY!!! but I can't do anything else at this point T A T so might as well live it up some! >:D

so to get back in to the cosplay gear~ this is a old closet cosplay I had always wanted to do when i first saw Reborn! come out~
 I actually aim to do her 10 Year later version but there aren't many good pictures of her from the actual anime or manga from then T A  T it's basically the same~ just longer hair xD and a little more badass >:D
   ok well because I'm a little worn I'll go straight to the photos now~ enjoy~ :)

 I know I'm missing the eye patch xD but it just didn't look right I'll take proper ones later ( ;  3 ; )
 but for now I'll use the excuse that these are just wig tests for the final :) so thank you again for looking have a great night