Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hey Hey~ You You~ it's been a while! :P

Howdy dowdy everyone~ :D
and long time not posting orz 
I've been busy since Anime north is approaching!  Just 2 more weeks!! and i'm not even near finishing all of my costumes!! XD xD;;; wish me luck in this last minute rush of cosplay making :3 :3 
though I've gotten pretty good and possibly too good at doing things last minute, so I have (unnecessary) confidences :9 which is a bad thing!! and which I do not suggest you make a habit of! xD;;

Anyways today I have a short post about some new contacts I've gotten recently from another site! :D
They are from Neo Cosmo:
Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.2 mm
Water content:  45%
*Information taken from the original Honeycolor site*
Their logo box~ it was cute! :D
The contacts came in a really neat and cute looking box!  Where the contacts would fit in perfectly and snug~

Jan Jan~

Two peas in the same pod~

 Here's a shot of the insides of the box~                         
there are instructions on the back in English 
on how to put on and take care of contacts too!
They really put in their time which I found neat :3

*blub blub* Here's a shot of the lenses before I wore them~

*Ji------*A nd here they are when both are in~ :3

 I was so happy to see the color as I had hoped! it's pretty 50/50 when getting light colored contacts for people with dark colored eyes T A T;;;;;;; but I lucked out! :D huzzah~
Now for my basic review!!!!
Color: Aqua (prescribed)
Size: 14.2mm
Brand:  Neo Cosmo
Comfort: 7/10
Seller: Honeycolor
Price: 25.50 USD + 3.00 USD shipping (28.50USD)
SHIPPING COST NOTE: I bought this pair with another so total shipping 6.00$ USD  divided by 2 = 3.00$ USD but this is not the actual price if you were to buy one pair it would be around 5.00$ USD

Description: The color was as lovely as I had hoped comfort wise they are not bad, I haven't found a chance to wear them for a long period of time yet, but they seem alright, the lens is much softer on the finger, other contacts I have handled, but once in the eye it feels ok.  Not particularly uncomfortable or comfortable :|

Other Comments: The color is the best thing about these contacts, other than that comfort or handling is just the same as any other lenses :|


Cheers~ buddies :3 :3


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