Monday, June 4, 2012

Arararara~ I really need to get back into a better habit with updates D:

Mello~ and Hello~ :3 :3
I'm sorry for such a delayed update! A popular convention called "Anime North" had just passed<3 and I was completely exhausted after~ :D :D now I'm back in action and things have piled up T A T;;;
OK! let's get this roaring~ :d
first I'll give a quick on some new contacts I got for my Sebastian cosplay I honestly didn't think they were going to make it in time cause I made the order for them very last minute xD xD;; but surprise surprise! they came in just a few days before the convention O v O;;; ojhohoho! luck was really on my side xD so here you go~
Again I got these one's from Honey Color!

I was pretty surprised they have different color boxes! It was such a cute and neat thing to find out about! :D and If I'm not over thinking it, last time I got aqua lenses with a blue box, and this time I got red lenses with a pink box! I wonder if they purposely color coordinate them~? probably note xD

The bottle they came in~

Here's the entire set I got from them~! :D
and the nice little free animal lens case~
again it's an orange yellow color I still feel like they are somewhat color coordinating this xD

Lenses in the bottle waiting for me to open them~

*******NOW TO PUT THEM ON~!!!!! FWISHHHHHH~*********

With one contact in :)
These ones make my eyes look HUGE well the color IS super duper strong so I'm not surprised to see such a strong difference O v O still when I look back at these pictures I go "#)()#*$#@(#))@!????" cause it's so different! but in a very good way~!! :D

With both contacts in!
I see you~~~~ cause these are prescription! Muahahahah~!!! >:D with both in my eyes are like BAM! I really love the color it's perfectly unnatural! xD xD and that's what I was going for so these I do highly recommend for cosplay contacts!

Now for my basic review!!!!
Color: Red (prescribed)
Size: 14.5mm
Brand:  Vassen Dolly+
Comfort: 7/10
Seller: Honeycolor
Price: 22.90 USD + 6.00 USD shipping (28.90USD)

Description: THE COLOR IS AWESOME POSSUM xD very vibrate and unnatural! exactly what I was going for!  I completely recommend this for cosplaying! Though the size is BIG and very dolly I'm not a personal fan of large contacts but many friends suggested these ones if it was a strong vibrate color that I wanted.  And of course they were right~ I'm pretty happy with them :)

Other Comments:
Pretty comfortable I had no problems wearing them for around 5 hours or so. :D


Thanks for reading I hope this review was enlightening :3 :3
Have a great day~
:3 :3

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