Wednesday, January 18, 2012

*SobSob* ( /T A 3)/

Sorry for no updates I had a sound and unfavorable reason why I have been locking up the animal within.  1) Ihave a portfolio due in less than a month or so D: -Shriekssss- and 2) I just recently got a type of eye infection you could say, CALLED THE DEADLY EYE STYE D: D: don't google, some results are pretty unappetizing.  It's basically when bacteria has entered around the eye area could be under or around the eyelid it's self. I got it under the eyelid and it BLEW UP and I did face difficulties opening my right eye.  It's ok now thanks to my sisters brilliant care, and lots of anti-biotin's for the eye. + A + For the time being I can open it with no problem there's still some what of a bit of a scar it'll disappear with a bit more time.  So I'll have to be patient and wait it out for another few more days till I can start cosplaying again ^^

So please pardon the lack of updates from the past few days for such a reason, and please continue to pardon the next month of cosplayless updates because I'll be slaving away at my portfolio T A T GOMEN!!!!

-runs off into sunset-

That's all folks thanks for reading~  ( ~> 3 <)~

-May Fan :9


  1. oh my hope everything goes well with your eyes D:
    so you can still look at me XD

    GAMBATTE for your portfolio work hard and all the best :)

  2. dang...if only I could fb "like" your comment! xD

  3. sigh blogs doesn't work that way....except for custom personal website? O.O

    1. lol Oh really? and sorry this may sound stupid but I JUST noticed there's a "reply" button for your comment, was that ALWAYS there?

    2. it's kinda new..I noticed that too recently =P

    3. OK! I'm no retarded thank you!! they JUST recently added it!? that's slow man! O , O;;