Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mello~! :3 :3

Hello~ Hello~ and greetings to all :D
today err...tonight I have redness for you tonight~<3
I have been drunk on the fact I got into Sheridan but thanks to that tuition fee I'm plenty sober now = A =;;; to sober that I might need to get drunk for real OTL lol well leaving that aside for now~ let move onto the the review~!!

Introducing my New red wig<3 
I've always wanted one<3
it's a lovely shade of red<3
It's actually for a special secret cosplay~ I hope to dish out later in sunnier times~ :D ohohohohoh~~ but for the time being I need to put some major work into it + A + mUahahah~<3 anyways now on to some more shots of the wig~ :D

NOTE: the photos have been photoshopped to bring out the most color in the wig it's pretty dark with regular room lighting but it's a lovely vivid shade of red in real sun light of good lighting of the sort

Color: Pure Medium Red.
Length:  60cm loosely
Wig Style: Curly ends
Description: It's a ABSOLUTELY lovely shade of red, there's no awkward plastic shine to the fibers, the curls are lovely as well.  The only thing I could really even complain about was how thin it was but for that price it's totally excusable! 

Where I Bought it From:
Source: Ebay
Seller: Betterdeals255 (Ebay-99%)
Price at time:  $12.69 CAD
I reeeeeeeaaaalllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyy like it~  I had been eying it for a good time but that price makes you think its to good to be true, but coincidentally. A good friend recommended it to me, i saw how look looked on her and had to give it a shot!  and the results were awesome~ :D  It's just like the picture the seller shows surprisingly so it's a pretty safe buy it you want a nice simple red wig to play with~ :D


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