Thursday, March 29, 2012

The reason...

Hey~ so the reason I have not posted up anything new on my cosplays is actually a very surprisingly good reason having NOTHING AT ALL to do with my laziness :9 tee hee~
so many of your who follow my bog already know of this bu~
Starting September 2012 I will start school at Sheridan college in their Animation program!!! :D :D :D
Here's proof! for you and me!! xD XD I had to screen cap, like everything! to make sure it was real XD XD;;;

so yes! since school will start for me next semester, that means 3 things!!
1) I have to start saving money wisely
2) I will be moving!
3) I may not be able to cosplay as much as I little do now xD;;;

this is be a slow and painful process for me xD;; cause of many things T A T;;;;; but it's worth it!! I've worked for this and finally it's here~<3 :D :D
well that's all i wanted to say~ now I need to sleep cause I'm dead tired OTL

Nighty night~!!

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