Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oh yeah! one more thing!!

Just cause I want to show it off as much as possible<3 <3 My birthday just recently passed March 14th and I got this AWESOME present from my Best friend Cin! here's a picture of me and the magical gift honestly it's probably the real reason why I cosplayed as Nami <,< ohohoh~ anyways here it is<3<3<3

IT'S THE THOUSAND SUNNY GO FROM THE NEW WORLD VERSION OF ONE PIECE OMFG IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've put this up on every site and blog I hate <,<;;; ohohoh I'm a total show off T A T;;;;;; I'm sorry but I'm just so happy!!!<3<3 :D :D well that's all I wanted to share I'm honestly done now!! I wont be back for another while :9 till then again cheers and good night<3