Wednesday, December 14, 2011

oh yeah~ *~P(˚ ∆ ˚;) <(Tee Hee)

/ ( >  A  < ) \ <(MOE BEAMMMMMMMMM!!<3)
Ahahaha~ as I was fixing up my sexy Masato I found some old cosplay pics I have been meaning to edit...since last year....tee hee~ :9 -gets beat up-
well than something different from my current obsession, a previous obsession~ from last year. Ohohoh~ it was actually a pair cosplay I'll upload a few pair pictures later maybe~

;3 I love my partners~<3~ :D
so with out further a due~!!!

DRUMM ROLL PLEASE~!! *dadadadadadaadada~!!!!*...



Sadly we didn't have good camera's and I didn't get much model time cause I was hooked on taking pictures of others~

A little background story~ This actually took place at Anime Expo in L.A! it was my first international convention and my first time to the US I had gone with my friend and partner this was her first time since she had been on a plane so we were both nervous for various reasons~ but WE HAD A LOAD OF FUN~ I can't wait to go back this year~!!!! if anyone is actually reading this and going!! I hope to see you there!! > 3 <

OK! and on to the pair pictures<3
Title: I am you, and you are I

Title: In the Rainbow color filled crib you sleep...Good night Chii and Freya


Title: Freya is a bully~

anyways cheers again thanks for looking and reading~<3

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