Friday, December 16, 2011

OMG...this is rare~!? D:

It's been another work and stress filled day~
this morning I got a great surprise in the mail though! but had to go straight to work before I could even try it on! D: Andddd that is of course!!!!!! A WIG~<3 I have been waiting 4 weeks for this new wig to come > 3 < I have so many ideas and cosplays waiting for it~~~ :D so with out further a due.  Straight after I had come home of course I had to try it on and mess/style it to my liking. There's still plenty of work to do on it = A =;; but for the time being I got a basic look going on~ enjoy~
I did a little casual cosplay with TWO characters!! ;D please enjoy<3

First off~!!!!! >:D

"Ara~ Ara~"

!!!!!!~Next up~!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~HIYONO YUIZAKI~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Nasumi-san~ doko~?"

1) I love Sawako-sensei from K-on~ She's the best I can't wait to do a cosplay of her with a group of HTT girls<3
2) Hiyono is one of my all time favorite characters from out of all the anime and manga I have read so far!! she's just to awesome<3 I can't wait to cosplay as her~ there's a certain scene from the manga I am DYING TO DO!! > 3 < (literally the scene may involve dying :D)


"This book has nothing suspicious in it<3"
"It's a Trade secret<3"

"Welcome to The After school tea Time"
"hmm I wonder what cake and tea we're having today<3?"

"Now what to have them wear next~ + A +"

Anyways YES! this is the awesome brown wig I got today and am extreamly excited and happy!! I cant wait to put it into more usage >:D

once again thank you for looking and reading have a good night~