Sunday, December 18, 2011

So....SLEEP!!!! O 3 O;;

BUT!! I Got to see Sherlock Holmes 2!!!!! I love the movie and the book the movie take the original series for such an awesome and crazy twist it's to a brilliant level<3

I was so happy to finally get to see the movie thankfully it was almost as good as the first! the ending was close to the original book.  But with it's loveable own twist<3
Gosh I love the script writers, and Directors their geniuses!
The actors of course were fantastic as well~ I love Robert Downey Jr. I think he's one of the few actors I'll really make a comment on!! > 3 < I adored his performance  in the first movie it just made me cry out in excitement and thrill.  The second movie he still played the role of Holmes suitably but I felt there was to much stress on his character it was slightly more than to my liking but still fantastic none of the less.  There were many exciting and mind cranking twists and turns just like the first.  sad partings and good byes.  Clever jokes and hilarious scenes~!

Ah I just love this movie interpretation<3  It's really enjoyable for most ages that's probably why I have so much love for it~ 

well anyways that's my short fan girling 
My minds battery is funning low x___o no cosplaying tonight~ now off to the beddie bye~


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