Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hey~ Hey~ The animal out again~ when she should actually be working on her portfolio~ D:
I'm so bad T A T;;;;; oh well but look! stuff! cosplay stuff!! -runs off-
but yeah this time I took the time to move to a better area in the house to take a good picture~ it's a sexy Masato~ I'm still trying > ∆ < it's hard to be sexy! it's completely different from a calm am cool I'm more use to :3
I also gave Photoshopping a try again it's not my fave choice of medium but it does a damn good job@ DX lol
Anways~ more previous pictures i had taken before I relocated to a place with better lighting etc.. ohohoh~

Than back to the bathr---I mean other room <,<;; >,> ohohoh~
Sexy masa Love's you~ > 3 <

welps I hope you enjoyed this~ :D thanks for looking~<3

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